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Brake Maintenance

Brake problems often start out small, but can become more severe and more expensive if they aren’t taken care of initially. If you suspect a problem, are hearing squealing or screeching when braking, or if your ABS light is illuminated on your dashboard, bring your vehicle in and our technicians will do a thorough inspection and recommend the necessary repairs to restore the condition of your brakes.


Our skilled technicians can detect brake problems big or small by assessing all major brake components. After a thorough inspection, we’ll suggest maintenance or repair based on wear and your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.


It’s important to have your brakes examined at least once a year and have the brake fluid checked and changed as needed. (see our fluid flush info) Routine maintenance and inspections will help prolong the need for a full replacement.


If your car begins pulsating or wobbling when driving at highway speeds, that’s a good indication that your brake rotors are warped or worn. Bring your car in for a thorough inspection and a rotor replacement – if necessary.


Anti-Lock Braking System is designed to help you maintain steering ability and prevent your wheels from locking up. For ABS Brake maintenance, fluid levels must be maintained, and seals and gaskets should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

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