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Fluid Maintenance

Your vehicle's fluids should be changed regularly to keep your car in good health. Bring your vehicle to our experts at Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City for regular fluid maintenance. We'll keep your car running smooth with proper upkeep and fluid flushes that will prevent a variety of problems that arise from negligence.


Over time, your engine coolant fills with debris, which can weaken the performance of the engine. Have your coolant checked regularly and replaced when necessary to keep your vehicle at a safe, functional temperature.


Your transmission fluid lubricates, cools, and cleans internal transmission parts. As it runs through your engine, it gathers waste that can thicken and reduce the life of your transmission’s internal components.


Brake fluid keeps your brakes working properly and running out of it will result in weaker brakes that require more effort to function. Keep your brake fluid at proper levels to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.


Your power steering fluid keeps your steering smooth and easy. You’ll know when the fluid levels start to get low when you feel a tightness when you turn the steering wheel or hear an abnormal noise.

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