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What do you get when you combine a high-tech setup with old-school quality service? One hell of a portfolio. Enjoy this showcase of our auto mechanics’ finest work.

2003 GMC Sierra | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

2003 GMC Sierra

Sure we love the oldies, but we do custom stuff on newer vehicles as well.

Subaru 2.5 Outback | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

Subaru 2.5 Outback

So there is a way to fix a car and then there is this. Yes that would be the epoxy someone used to try and fix a cracked engine and then in doing so sold it to someone knowing it was bad. Not the way it should be done but we couldn’t help that at this point. What we could do though was remove the cracked component, weld it, resurface it and repair the new owners vehicle without having to replace very expensive parts. Glad we were able to get their new car ready to go and be a dependable vehicle for their family.

A Hatch | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

Bad Apple

Ever heard of Bad Apple? Well you should have! They are far and away the best mobile devise repair company in town. This was the start of their new mobile repair wagon. Looks a little rough still in this picture, but if you seen it at the state fair you know it looks like a rock star wagon now. We installed them a service window so they can come right to you any where and fix your mobile gear up right.

68′ GTO | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

68′ GTO, Enough Said!

All that needs to be said is big block, 3″ custom duals with X-pipe. Enjoy:)

Lexus IS250 AWD Timing Chain | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

Lexus IS250 AWD Timing Chain

We are not only rock stars at exhaust, but we also do your regular maintenance and not so regular. Case in point, here is a new Lexus that needed a new engine and some timing chain work. There are three chains, five timing marks, & and only one way to do it right. We’re here to help with even the most complicated repair needs.

1950’s Classic Car | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

1950’s Classic

1954 Chevrolet 210, we installed a pair of Flowmaster original 40 series mufflers and new pipe from the manifolds back to that amazing rear bumper. Not to mention just look at the pin striping, wish we could do that for you, but alas we can’t. We do however know the right people to do it for you. We’ll stick to bending pipe, welding it together and making your hot rod sound they way you want.

Dodge Challenger | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

Dodge Challenger

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT 6.1 Hemi, fantastic car to work on. Especially this one since its my wife’s car, yep she’s a gear head to its great. We put a pair of Flowmaster 40 series delta flows on it and took out the resonators so it can growl the way a Challenger should.

1956 GMC 100 | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

1956 GMC 100

1956 GMC 100, we built this gentleman’s exhaust to resemble that of the stock truck. 2″ duals out the back with Magnaflow stainless steel mufflers and a nice classy pair of stainless tips.

Truck Wrapped | Patriot Automotive - Salt Lake City

Truck Wrapped

Black Car